Visiting VC drops the mic: ‘Looking for the remarkable’

We teamed up with student organizations, WUTE and Y’s Thoughts, to bring Arteen Arabshahi to campus April 20th-21st. His stay was a part of a venture capital series that the aforementioned student groups hosted throughout this semester, titled WUTE.VC. Arteen closed out the series as the final visiting VC of the semester, and what a way to end on a high note!

Arteen is a Senior Associate at LA-based early stage venture capital fund, Karlin Ventures. He is a powerhouse both professionally and socially, with a list of achievements to prove it. He went from entrepreneur to VC all before the age of 21, and to top things off, he was named one of Forbes 30 Under 30 this year. (Like we said, we ended on a high note!)

In less than 36 hours, he met with 72 individuals (both student and community members), four student teams, and two St. Louis-based startups. On his final night in town, he gave a presentation on his career path (see the live tweets here), and even though we all walked away feeling inspired by his journey and advice, it appears as though Arteen walked away with a little nugget, as well…

Arteen wrote this piece about what he learned during his time here. Prepare to be inspired (yet again) by the class act himself.

“…there’s so much of the remarkable still out there waiting to be discovered. While I get the privilege to look for it professionally, we should all be looking for it constantly.”

Drop the mic.

Read his full post here.