Freshman Ayana Klein shares about her startup, 3Dux|Design


Students play with one of 3Dux|Design’s products

On October 25th 2018, Ayana Klein shared all about starting her own business at a student pitch event hosted by student organization Xccelerate.

Freshman Ayana Klein shares her experience of starting a business with her family. | Thursday, October 25, 2018

Ayanna Klein is president at 3Dux|Design, a company she started with her family, that offers reusable 3D printed connectors and cardboard pieces in an effort to encourage exploration of STEAM through what all kids love: building things and cardboard.

Klein shared that she juggles maintaining her business and schoolwork by finding time, even if it is just a little, each day to work towards her goals. Starting a business with her family might seem unusual, but for Ayanna it has been a good experience overall. She says it has given her a different relationship that you would not typically have with your family, but in the best way.

Starting her business had its difficulties. She had to have persistence because many people would not respond to her emails. Despite the hardship all business owners face, Klein urges “you just can’t be afraid to fail.”