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Networking Tips from Expert, Diane Darling

HER Summit donor and speaker, Andrea Simon, invited author and networking expert, Diane Darling, to give networking tips in preparation for this week’s HER Summit.

Diane Darling is an internationally-known speaker on networking who works with companies of all sizes. Her first book, The Networking Survival Guide, sold out in the first two months and is continuing to sell fifteen years after its publishing in 2003.

Andrea Simon sat down with her to find out the best networking tips for meeting new people.


#1: Limit Phone Time

Instead of turning to your smartphone when you feel uncomfortable, try to find a new connection that could be established. If you see someone on their phone, take this opportunity to start a conversation with them. Phone usage could be used as a conversation tool.


#2: Introduce Yourself

Having a strong and confident introduction of yourself is a great way to give a good first impression. If needed, use a present situation as a conversation starter. For instance, you could strike up a conversation about the food.


#3: Have a Strong Handshake

Practice doing your handshake, if needed! This is another way to convey confidence when meeting others.


#4: Say Hello to the People Next to You

As soon as you sit down, say hi to the people nearby. This will make conversation easier later on.



We hope to see you this Saturday, November 3 at the HER Summit, featuring speakers Andrea Simon and Atima Lui as well as panelists Maxine Clark, Jennifer Silva, and Kate Wiegmann!