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HER Summit Brought Women Innovators and Entrepreneurs Together


HER Summit may be over, but the insight it brought forward will continue on far after the conclusion of the event last Saturday.

The day was filled with inspiration. Keynotes were given by Andrea Simon, donor and corporate anthropologist, and by Atima Lui (BSBA ’12), founder and CEO of NUDEST. There was an interdisciplinary panel that included Kate Wiegmann, Founder and COO of RISE Collaborative Workspace; Maxine Clark, Founder and Former CEO of Build-A-Bear Workshop, CEO of Clark-Fox Foundation, and the Chief Inspirator of the Delmar DivINe; and Jennifer Silva, Co-Founder and CMO of SentiAR, Inc; and it was moderated by Washington University student, Jiya Singh (BSBA ’21), Co-Owner and VP of Marketing of WashUWash. The day also featured a breakout session facilitated byJennifer Ehlen, founder and CEO of Brazen Global, in which attendees formed groups and workshopped their everyday business challenges using Brazen’s signature Growth Group program.

Each woman entrepreneur brought different aspects of their stories and expertise to the table, so we compiled some of our favorite pieces of advice from the day for any woman thinking about an entrepreneurial career:

“If you want your business to thrive you have to say ‘yes, and…’ when your brain says ‘no, but…'”

– Andrea Simon


“I know what I don’t know. That’s my superpower.”
– Maxine Clark


“I’m going to respect your area of expertise, but you need to respect mine.”

– Jennifer Silva


“I did not start Build-A-Bear until I was 48 years olds. There’s a lot of time to be creative. It’s not about what’s over, it’s about what’s next.”

– Maxine Clark


“At the end of each coffee meeting, I ask the person for names of other people I should meet… And don’t forget to offer help to them too.”

– Kate Wiegmann


“Everyone’s journey is different. Everyone in the classroom comes with their own insecurities and their own voice.”

– Atima Lui


“Hustle is one of the biggest creditors of success.”

– Atima Lui


HER Summit was also illustrated by Filament, LLC as a way to highlight discussions and insight throughout the day. Check out the designs created by Filament below!