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StEP Spotlights #1: Bear Discounts

WashU is full of student entrepreneurs with inspiring stories to tell.


That is why we have started our StEP Spotlights campaign, to highlight the amazing student business owners and their businesses that are thriving here on campus.


Daniel Tanenbaum is a current junior and is the owner of Bear Discounts. Bear Discounts is a discount card company dedicated to saving Washington University students money at local St. Louis area stores and restaurants.


When asked about his reasons for buying into Bear Discounts, Daniel replied that he “wanted to try something that [he] didn’t know a lot about and could learn from.” As the sole business owner, Daniel is able to learn about all aspects of owning a business including communication, partnerships, accounting, finance, and taxes.

“Knowing when to ask for help is a big focus of mine. When I am working on a project and I don’t necessarily know how to achieve that goal, bringing someone else in – getting a second set of eyes and ears on it – is a way that I allow Bear Discounts to prosper.”

“For anyone looking or thinking about starting a business, the piece of advice I would give is to try. Continue to do it, don’t be afraid to fail, keep going, and the more experience you have, the more you will be able to apply it to your future successes.”

– Daniel Tanenbaum

**Check out Daniel’s video interview below!





Bear Discounts is a student-run business and member of the Student Entrepreneurial Program (StEP) and the Skandalaris Center for Interdisciplinary Innovation and Entrepreneurship. For more information about StEP, click here. For more information about Bear Discounts, click here or follow them on Facebook, and Twitter.