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2019 Summer Internship Program Welcome!

Each year, the Skandalaris Center partners with local startups to give WashU students a chance to spend a summer interning in the immersive St. Louis startup community.

During this paid, 10-week summer program students work at their internship for most of the week, and then each Wednesday afternoon, they participate in special programming such as tours of entrepreneurial areas/ neighborhoods, networking events, and panel discussions.

The summer internship program gives students an opportunity to make a big impact in a small amount of time. Working at an early stage startup is vastly different from any other internship experience and students experience wearing many different hats and creating something a venture host can put into practice immediately. For the ventures, this program provides them with much needed help when otherwise couldn’t afford it. Overall, this program helps connect and enrich the St. Louis startup community. – Jessica Weldon, Skandalaris Center Assistant Director of Programs

After weeks of applications, interviews, and networking, the Skandalaris Center Summer Internship Program is under way, with students from all different backgrounds coming together to intern for the following St. Louis ventures:



Advocado created an AdTech company that aligns and activates your TV and digital campaigns together to explore and transform the intersection of technology and communication to facilitate personal connections.

Advocado’s 2019 intern: Yujia Wang (GB, Business Analytics, BS/MS)


Auragent BioscienceHealthFlex

Auragent Bioscience develops, manufactures and sells an innovative and disruptive product platform solution that increases sensitivity, lowers limits of detection and increases the dynamic range of existing fluorescence-based analytical techniques with a simple, universal, and cost-effective approach.

Auragent Bioscience’s 2019 intern: Mitry Anderson (EN, Mechanical Engineering ’21)


The Arnold Group

The Arnold Group are residential real estate professionals focused on West County, St. Charles County and 40/64 corridor. They help buyers and sellers through the real estate process providing services fro everything from staging to showcasing each property’s unique features and promoting the home to potential buyers.

The Arnold Group’s 2019 intern: Qiqi Chen (LA, Mathematics ’21)



CheckTheQ tracks passenger activity at security checkpoints, allowing airports to increase revenue and transform the travel experience.

CheckTheQ’s 2019 intern: Kevin Harlley (TG, Computer Engineering & Engineering Management ’20)




clEAR is the only auditory brain training program that allows you to train with the speech of someone who is important to you, a Frequent Communication Partner, such as a spouse, grandchild, or teacher.

clEAR’s 2019 intern: Devin Griffin (EN, Computer Science ’21)


Cotton Cuts, LLCCotton Cuts Collective

Cotton Cuts, LLC is a community sewing studio and workspace! All are welcome  – from a novice stitch-ster to seasoned sewist. Cotton Cuts, LLC wants to help you realize your dreams in fabric and excel in an inclusive community of passionate creators!

Cotton Cuts, LLC’s 2019 intern: Jordan Yung (BU, Economics & Strategy and Operations & Supply Chain Management ’21)


Image result for Digital Medical Arts LLC

Digital Medical Arts, LLC

Digital Medical Arts, LLC has introduced MAX, an innovative software platform that delivers an interactive multimedia education experience to patients.

Digital Medical Arts, LLC’s 2019 intern: Cecilia Xue (EN, BME/Math  ’21)-

Dream Builder 4 Equity 

Dream Builders believes that equitable opportunities are foundational for youth to realize their fullest potential. Their mission is to provide-at-risk youth with access to a diverse and broad set of assets through mentorship, entrepreneurship scholarship, and leadership training.

Digital Medical Arts, LLC’s 2019 interns: Cameron Evans (GR, Philosophy PhD), and Candace Hayes (LA, Sociology ’21)


Ellem LaboratoriesEllem Laboratories

Ellem Laboratories is an IT firm that covers a wide range of technology which we use to satisfy the needs of our clients and customers. Their professional team of certified programmers and designers work with client needs every step of the way.

Ellem Laboratories’ 2019 intern: Harry Wei (EN, Computer Science, Finance ’21)




With the Engagedly Platform, organizations can align and motivate their workforce through goal setting, providing feedback, generating ideas, and social performance. Engagedly is the most comprehensive tool available to drive employee engagement.

Engagedly’s 2019 intern: Julia Medoff (LA, Political Science ’21)


Equine Smartbit, LLC

Equine Smartbits™ can improve equine health and performance by giving owners and trainers a powerful and convenient tool which reads vital signs in real time. By using Equine SmartBits™, owners can eliminate the need for other inconvenient and time consuming methods of measuring vital signs – including temperature, heart rate, and blood oxygen saturation.

Equine Smartbit, LLC’s 2019 intern: Jack Mills (EN, Biomedical Engineering ’20)



Fanvie makes every team’s in-venue engagement activities digital, putting every fan’s engagement metric at their fingertips, while providing a way to show brand sponsors a measurable return on investment, how to improve that return, and maximizing the fan’s life time value in the process while increasing brand affinity.

Fanvie’s 2019 intern: James Hu (EN, Computer Science ‘20)



Observe a focus group from anywhere in the world, live chat with strategists or directly with the moderator from anywhere, just li‍‍‍ke you were actually in the back room. With FocalCast Unity you can live stream audio, video and annotations from respondents to capture the whole experience from anywhere you are.

FocalCast’s 2019 intern: Laura Glanz (LA, International and Area Studies, Marketing ’21)



City Foundry STL is a place in the heart of the city to gather, eat, work and play. It’s a new place to build a community filled with shops, a food hall, entertainment, workspaces, and restaurants. Foundry

Foundry’s 2019 interns: Nell Downey (LA, Global Health and Economics and Strategy ’21) and Kedar Bell (EN, Computer Science ’21)


Generation Mindful LLC

Generation Mindful

Generation Mindful creates tools and toys that nurture emotional intelligence by connecting the generations playfully. Our goal is a world where all people feel powerful, safe, and connected.

Generation Mindful LLC’s 2019 intern: Jessica Zodicoff (LA, International Area Studies ’21)



Generopolis is a mashup of Craigslist meets Facebook Swap ‘N Sell, where, instead of pocketing the cash from each sale, sellers select their favorite nonprofit to receive the proceeds.

Generopolis’s 2019 intern: April Bagnani (EN, Computer Science and Applied Mathematics ’21)


GiftAMeal logo (Gift A Meal)


GiftAMeal is a mobile application that helps provide a meal to someone in need each time a user takes a photo at a participating restaurant. Users can then share their experience on social media to help provide a second (and even third) meal.

GiftAMeal’s 2019 interns: Gillian Laming (EN, Computer Science ’21) and Eric Failes (LA, Psychological & Brain Sciences’21)


HiHo Mobility

HiHo Mobility provides a shared work fleet solution for staff in-the-field. The system was developed based on feedback from Stanford University. Think of an internal Uber-style system, except technicians can request rides, tools, assets and supplies.

HiHo Mobility’s 2019 intern: Jin Han (SI, Computer Science & Information Systems Management MA)


Medibeacon Logo


The MediBeacon system uses an optical skin sensor combined with a proprietary agent that glows in the presence of light. The goal is to provide clinicians continuous real-time monitoring of kidney function. MediBeacon has completed clinical studies in healthy and impaired subjects.

MediBeacon’s 2019 intern: Nicole Clark (EN, Biomedical Engineering ’21)



National Material Supply Co, LLC

NMS provides the highest quality products at the most competitive prices to federal and local government agencies and commercial customers worldwide, successfully servicing our valued customers in both the Commercial and US Government arenas.

National Material Supply Co, LLC’s 2019 intern: Jeong Min Lim (EN, Computer Sciences ’20)



Outside360 is a peer-to-peer marketplace that connects Hosts and Users through online listings for outdoor recreational opportunities. Our listings center on making private lands and outdoor experiences more accessible, with a mission to help individuals share their wisdom or piece of paradise with outdoor enthusiasts of every kind.

Outside360’s 2019 intern: Jonah Babitz (BU, Economics and Strategy ’21)


Posture Solutions, LLC

At Posture Solutions, we believe that the body was designed perfectly, with the load-bearing joints level with one another and stacked in a straight vertical line. Over the course of our lives, every activity, inactivity, and injury will have an effect on joint position, and compensatory movements set in.

Posture Solutions, LLC’s 2019 intern: Sean Connors (BU, Finance and Entrepreneurship ’21)



Provider Pool believes that through our workforce analytic technology and real-time labor management systems, healthcare organizations will be able to  focus on what they do best – high quality patient care and service.

ProviderPool’s 2019 intern: Hamish McGregor (EN, Computer Science and Entrepreneurship’21)


Pulse TherapeuticsPulse Therapeutics, Inc. logo

Pulse Therapeutics is a medical device company that has patented a technology to combat blood clots using the power of magnets. Pulse’s signature offering, the MED System™, is designed to harness magnet-based technology to rapidly dissolve blood clots faster than current modalities.

Pulse Therapeutics’s 2019 intern: Yuanyuan He (EN, Biomedical Engineering ’20)



Regavi is a digital business card and smart contacts app that enhances your ability to connect with others and grow & maintain relationships. By writing to your phone’s native contacts apps, Regavi brings dynamic contact information to the systems you already use. Regavi was a finalist in the 2019 Skandalaris Venture Competition.

Regavi’s 2019 intern: Eric Zhang (BU, Finance, Computer Science ’21)



Rissana is a WashU alumni founded startup that is committed to using technology to improve people’s lives.

Rissana’s 2019 intern: Siam Abd Al-Ilah (EN, Computer Science ’21)


SafetyFix Medical TechnologiesSafetyFix

SafetyFix is the only bone fixation device designed to be easily removed from the body as soon as the bone has properly healed following surgery. The patented Removable Bone Screw was developed by a team of surgeons to reduce the risk of surgical complications that can result from unnecessary metal in the body.

SafetyFix Medical Technologies’s 2019 intern: Jack Peterson (BU, Entrepreneurship & Finance ’20)


Sling Health STL

Sling Health® (formerly IDEA Labs) is a student-run biotechnology incubator that provides resources, training, and mentorship to teams of students (medical, engineering, business, etc) tackling clinical problems by developing innovative solutions.


SlingHealth – erGO

SlingHealth – erGO’s 2019 intern: Spencer Williams (EN, Biomedical Engineering ’22)

SlingHealth – Illumino

Illumino is developing a flexible, low-profile lighting option that provides more illumination for the surgical field than current light sources. Cassie Davis (SI ’19) and her team have refined their venture concept through The HatcherySlingHealth and other Skandalaris events like IdeaBounce®. Illumino won second place in the 2019 Skandalaris Venture Competition.

SlingHealth – Illumino’s 2019 intern: Jake Eshelman (EN, Biomedical Engineering ’20)



Sweetology is the perfect activity for every age. They offer naked cake℠ and all of the edible fun for you to make your own delicious creation. The only limitation to the creative fun is your imagination. Their professional staff is available for assistance and guidance at all times. Gluten-free and almond free options available.

Sweetology’s 2019 intern: Elizabeth Davidson (BU, Finance and Entrepreneurship ’21)



At TCARE, the mission is to equip family heroes with the right resources, at the right time in their caregiving journey. Their team is comprised of business & healthcare professionals who are re-envisioning what caregiving looks like.

Tcare’s 2019 intern: Zach Young (LA, Computer Science ’22)



Founded by Dr. Tiezhi Zhang of WashU, Tetralimaging is developing novel x-ray imaging technologies for image-guided radiotherapy.

Tetralimaging’s 2019 intern: Rishav Sharma (TG, Electrical Engineering ’20)



WePower activates community power to re-design education, economic, health, and justice systems to be just and equitable for all. They empower community-based entrepreneurs with scalable tech-solutions that address systemic challenges.

WePower’s 2019 intern: Callie Slater (LA, Global Health and Environment ’21)


The Yield Lab Institute

At The Yield Lab, their mission to enable entrepreneurs to sustainably revolutionize agrifood systems. They do this by investing in and accelerating high-impact early-stage companies all around the world as well as providing educational resources and ecosystem building support through their non-profit branch, the Yield Lab Institute.

The Yield Lab Institute’s 2019 intern: Zachary Sorensen (LA, Economics’21)

Internship Panels

Summer Internship panel discussions are open to the public and will feature representatives from St. Louis ventures discussing various business related topics. To find a panel that interests you visit