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2019 Summer Internship Guest Blog Post #35 by Julia Medoff

Sydney Everett (Staff)
August 21, 2019

Throughout the summer, Skandalaris Center Summer Internship Program participants will be writing guest blog posts about their internship experience. Following is one such post. 

The Marketing Side of a SaaS Company

By Julia Medoff (LA ’21)

My name is Julia Medoff and I am a rising Junior at Washington University in St. Louis studying Political Science and Psychology.

This summer, I interned at Engagedly, a performance management platform that works with companies to organize internal operations and employee engagement. Engagedly offers an innovative platform that strives to systematize the longstanding and often timely internal company processes such as annual review forms and employee check-ins. Beyond that, Engagedly’s platform offers other features that companies and employers can utilize such as gamified reward and feedback features. These tools allow employers to stay on track of employees and measure employee engagement while at work. They also allow employers to give employees detailed positive or developmental feedback as well as praise and other comments. To learn more about Engagedly, I have attached the link to the website here:

In order to best detail what I have been working on this summer, I would like to describe my favorite project that I have worked on while working at Engagedly. Beginning in 2017, Engagedly has released what they call an annual “Top 100 Human Resource Influencers” page on their website. My first and biggest project this summer was to generate this page from start to finish so that it could be published by mid-July. To start, I had to research and compile a list of around 300 influencers or “big-names” within the field of Human Resources. After that, I devised a formula that I would then use to narrow down my list from 300 individuals to 100 individuals. I picked 5 categories that I thought were important factors in determining how successful or productive an influencer was, and weighted each of these factors to create the perfect formula. The factors I used were related to an influencer’s presence on Twitter and Linkedin, number of books published or speaker events booked, and how innovative and unique the influencer’s work was. Diversity was also a factor when narrowing down the list, as my bosses and I wanted to ensure that the list highlighted a wide-range of people of different genders, ethnicities, and backgrounds. I used this formula to give every individual scores and then selected the 100 individuals with the highest scores. From there I compiled headshots and created small descriptions for each influencer. After that, I sent all of my work to the coding team at Engagedly and they helped me create the final website page. I have attached the link to this page here for reference: