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Paul Bender Shares His Love of St. Louis

Rick Liu (BU '22, EN '22)
October 7, 2019

Paul Bender, the CEO of Greater Than Games and an alumnus of WashU, discussed the pros and cons of continuing postgraduate life in St. Louis during our Innovation Conversation event on Friday, October 4th.

As the co-founder of a board and card games startup, Paul shared the nuances of starting such a company in St. Louis. With many warehouses in close proximity, St. Louis is actually the second-largest city in the Tabletop Gaming industry. Besides the benefits St. Louis brings to his company, Paul also likes St. Louis because it is decently sized. This leads to a wide diversity of restaurants and a culture that encourages restaurants to be experimental. Other perks of St. Louis includes its history and architecture, its relatively cheaper cost of living, as well as the growing entrepreneurial resources such as Cortex available to aspiring startups.

MerryMay Ma, a sophomore in the Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology program, shared:

"I thought St. Louis is a slow-paced city, but I found out that it really depends on what you want to do."

MerryMay also said that she was encouraged by Paul's passion in his company and the energy he brought to the conversation.

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