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A Space for Creativity

Rob Hall (FA '21)
November 21, 2019

This year marked the Skandalaris Center’s third annual Creator’s Gallery. As the creative programs assistant, I’ve had the pleasure of being able to coordinate and curate the gallery for all three years of its existence. Every November I become filled with elation knowing that our work place will be transformed into a display of interdisciplinary creative works. Creativity is inherent to entrepreneurship and innovation. It is the original ideas from the mind that spark the ventures on the ground, the resources on the net, the paint on the canvas. It is our center’s duty to the Washington University community to not only provide resources to aspiring startups, but also to create a platform for independent creators with an undying spirit.

This year’s exhibition featured painting, photography, graphic design, sculpture, poetry, engineering prototype, ceramics, and more from 26 different creators. The gallery’s opening reception included a small event overview from myself, featured artist Anthony Bartley speaking about the inspiration behind his pieces, and live performances from poets Ishana Tata, Hannah Richter, and Sylvie Lee. For some, the gallery exists as a consistent annual space to show work and view the creations of others. Sam Fox Junior Annie Kern had their work featured in the gallery for the third consecutive year, an impressive feat that no other individual can claim. For others, it is their first time being introduced to the Skandalaris Center. Mariah Carter, a Sam Fox sophomore who stopped by the gallery reception, said of the gallery, “I’ve never seen a traditional workspace used as an exhibition space before[…] I will definitely submit to be a part of this next year.” It is a beautiful thing to bring likeminded people together in the name of creativity.

As an artist myself, it can be at times difficult to find a means of sharing your work. Many of us turn to social media and other internet platforms, but there’s something ostensibly different about interacting with a physical work or seeing a live rendition of it. Spaces such as the Creator’s Gallery provide this means of display to our community. On top of that, while the individual schools may showcase works of their students, it is seldom that we see a thoroughly interdisciplinary display of creativity. The Creator’s Gallery is a fine art gallery, poetry slam, photography expo, and engineering prototype showcase all-in-one. One’s medium of work is simply a preferred means of expression. At heart, all of us creators have one commonality that makes us more similar than different in the context of our creating: an incessant drive to create something that does not yet exist. With that connection in mind, we can understand the beauty and potential created by bringing creators of all backgrounds to the same room.

I hope next year’s exhibit is as magical as this one was.

Rob Hall

Event Curator

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