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Entrepreneurial Experts Are Here for You

Skandalaris Center
February 5, 2020

The Skandalaris Center is excited to announce the launch of two new programs designed to connect WashU students, staff, faculty and alumni with experienced entrepreneurs and experts. 

The Experts on Call (EOC) program connects the WashU community with experts through in-person and remote interactions. EOC is a chance to learn from the experiences of subject matter experts in a variety of fields. Our experts are here to share some the challenges they've faced and help you navigate yours. Those interested in learning for this impressive array of entrepreneurs are able to meet with them in one of two ways. First, by attending in-person and online events featuring the Experts on Call hosted by the Skandalaris Center. Second, by completing the form found on the Experts on Call page. Through this form a member of the Skandalaris Center will connect you with the expert that most fits your needs.  

We've tapped the following industry leaders to serve as our first class of Experts on Call:

  • Cheri Renee (SW) - Expertise: Consumer Hardware Development
  • Patricia Mathias - Expertise: Communications Strategy 
  • Ben Haefele (LA '10) - Expertise: App Development 
  • Paul Bender (LA '07, GR '08) - Expertise: Crowd Funding and Manufacturing 
  • Larry Yavner (LA '87) - Expertise: Investment and Funding Strategy
  • Richard Becker (LA '86) - Expertise: Digital Marketing and Customer Acquisition

This semester also marks the launch of the In-Residence program, a platform that allows WashU students, faculty, staff and alumni to engage with professionals with diverse skills ranging, from design to investing, and extensive industry experience. Throughout the semester the Skandalaris Center will host Pop up Support hours, workshops and clinics led by our In-Residence professionals.

Our Spring 2020 Skandalaris Center In-Residence team is:

  • Elise Miller Hoffman (LA '11, GM '16), Investor In-Residence
  • Natasha Conley, Entrepreneur In-Residence
  • John Hardin, Entrepreneur In-Residence 
  • David Alexander, Designer In-Residence 

"We're proud to launch the Experts on Call and In-Residence programs, to provide new connections and support to our community of innovators and entrepreneurs. Our team, in the Skandalaris Center, is dedicted to helping students, staff, faculty and alumni explore entrepreneurship and these new programs will expand opportunities for learning through expert interactions." Mike Seper, Associate Director of the Skandalaris Center. 

We're kicking off the In-Residence program with events hosted by Elise and David. On February 17th Elise Miller Hoffman is leading a Pitch Practice Workshop event to help you pitch your idea and identify what you need to bring your idea to life. David Alexander is hosting Pop Up Support Hours on February 18th to help you develop your personal and business brand. 

For more details and connect with those In-Residence visit:

To find out more about the Experts on Call program, meet this semester's experts and complete the connection form visit: