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Nine WashU Student Ventures Set for the Skandalaris Venture Competition Finals

James Sorrell (Staff)
March 10, 2020

The Skandalaris Venture Competition has selected nine student-led startups to compete for $22,500 in awards. In SVC, these ventures are working with expert mentors as they prepare to commercialize their ideas, launch, and pitch to investors. On April 20, 2020,  the following teams will present their ideas to a panel of judges. We invite you to join us for the winners announcement via live stream on April 20, 2020 at 6pm (CST).

  • Artline Medical is developing a consumable device for the 8 million annual arterial line placements in the US. Their device aims to simplify the existing process and reduce complications and wasted healthcare costs. The team is David Buchinsky (LA ’21, BU ’21), Kadair Eskandar (EN ’19, SI ’20), and Matthew Whitehill (EN ’20, SI ’20).
  • Caralyst aims to increase the quality of healthcare by matching patients and physicians based on preferences like communication style and personal characteristics. A better match will help physicians better understand their patients as individuals. The team is Havisha Pedamallu (LA ‘21, BU ‘21), Matthew Millet (ME), and Owen Zhang (EN ‘23, BU ’23).
  • CRESTE is building a commercial real estate stock exchange that allows users to purchase small stakes of properties, allowing non-accredited investors the chance to tap into the real estate investing space. The team is Steven Schlau (EN ‘21, LA ’21) and Chris Rockwell (EN ’20).
  • EpiSurveil is developing a nocturnal seizure detection system. Their device aims to address the issue of rare, fatal nocturnal seizures. The team is Ben Davidorf (EN ’22) and Toshi Kosins (EN ’23).
  • Honeymoon Chocolates makes chocolate bars sweetened solely with raw honey. Their special process of combining honey and chocolate is a rarity in the industry. The team is Cameron (PM) and Haley Loyet. Venture website:
  • The Makeup Sensitivity Patch allows consumers to test their cosmetic products for sensitivity and allergic reactions. The patch is being developed by Dani Wilder (LA ’21).
  • Pareto is developing a device to eliminate the problem of wasted infusion drugs. Their device ensures sterile handling of medication vials, keeping the drugs viable for more extend periods. The team is Mitchell Lynn (GM, ME), Rachel Heymach (SI ’20), Kelly Coalier (UG ’15, PM ’20), and Kadair Eskandar (EN ’19, SI ’20).
  • trEat helps people with type-2 diabetes access healthy and nutritious food through individualized nutrition therapy plans. They aim to provide healthy food, education, and digital intervention for the nation’s 35 million people living with diabetes. The team is Ki Yun Park (EN ’17, ME), Dahwoon Song (LA ’15, GH ’20), and Abdalla Bani (SI ’20).
  • Urogix is developing an implantable device that treats benign prostatic hyperplasia. Their device aims to bring relief to the over 500 million men living with the condition worldwide. The team is Raphael Chung (EN ’19, SI ’20), Kevin Park (EN ’20, SI ’20), Noah Basri (ME), Igor Luzhansky (GRMS), and David Weinstein. Venture website:

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