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Engagedly: It’s the People We Meet! [SkIP 2020]

Vivienne Chang (BSBA '23)
August 6, 2020

I remember visiting college campuses as a senior in high school, trying to decide which university would be my home for four years. I would often walk around the campus and ask the students, “What is your favorite thing about X school?”. The answer? “The people.”

I have grown to realize the importance and significance of the people we meet and their impacts on our experiences. When I was looking for my home this summer, I was looking for my people. I found it at Engagedly.

Hi everyone! My name is Vivienne Chang. I am a rising sophomore from San Francisco studying Economics and Finance with a minor in Dance. This summer, I have been interning at Engagedly, an employee performance management software, and its subsidiary Mentoring Complete, a mentoring program management software. Both softwares allow human resource professionals to manage, mentor, and develop not only the employee but also the company culture.

Current Projects

Currently, most of my projects center around marketing on the Mentoring Complete platform as Engagedly recently acquired the business, and it just launched with a new user interface. I just wrapped up writing three business case white papers detailing the merits of a structured mentoring program and the need for software for different human resource professionals. Through this process, I not only learned how to use different business software such as Microsoft Word and Hubspot, but also the nuances of white paper writing. Prior, I did not realize the different language and tones needed to address people of different positions, and it is something I respect in businesses so much more – the pure attention to detail to create an individualized experience for all clients.

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I was also able to discover my interest in data analytics and forecasting through this internship. Recently, I have been working with the President in creating graphical depictions of client types, numbers, and geographical locations. Through this experience, I discovered the importance of being data-driven to create valuable analyses and forecasts. It has been interesting to understand how data can be used to inform a wide variety of objectives.

Looking Forwards

Since I have started working at Engagedly, I have begun to understand the importance of not only working on a product or service you resonate with but also people who you want to spend time with. Also, I was able to get a sense of what it takes to run a business through this experience and have a newfound respect for the entrepreneurship community.

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As I near the end of my internship, I hope to work on a project in each of Engagedly’s departments: Finance, Marketing, Product Management, and Sales. I want to take the time to shout-out to Sri, Aaron, Chandler, Fridaouss, Veronica, and Steve for working with me this summer – I’m so happy to be working with you guys, and I hope we can continue to create awesome things in the future!