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Congratulations to 34 WashU Graduates earning Honors in Innovation and Entrepreneurship through the Skandalaris Center

Nancy Nigh
April 29, 2022

We are thrilled to recognize the 2022 Washington University graduates who earned Honors in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from the Skandalaris Center.

During their time at WashU, the following students participated in entrepreneurial organizations, held leadership positions in student groups like Sling Health, completed pre-orientation, owned their own businesses, competed in Skandalaris and national entrepreneurship competitions, and shared their ideas through the IdeaBounce® platform.

These students also earned a B- or better in entrepreneurship courses like Intro to Entrepreneurship, the Hatchery, The League, Design for Social Impact, and the law school IP clinic.

2022 Honors in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Undergraduate Level:

  • Justin Adel, Olin
  • Kayla Borer, Arts & Sciences
  • Prathamesh Chati, McKelvey
  • Erin Chung, Olin
  • Ben Davidorf, McKelvey
  • Michael Del Greco, Arts & Sciences
  • Adi Rishab Dugar, Olin
  • Connie Gonzalez, Arts & Sciences
  • Will Hunter, McKelvey
  • Nathan Katz, Olin
  • Ayana Klein, Olin
  • Rick Liu, McKelvey
  • David Mathisson, Arts & Sciences
  • Joel Nelson, Olin
  • Christine Nguyen, Olin
  • Elijah Olasunkanmi, McKelvey
  • Alex Olendorff, Olin
  • Maxwell Popper, Arts & Sciences
  • Micah Rydberg, Sam Fox
  • Andrew Saunders, McKelvey
  • Elaine Suh, Arts & Sciences

Graduate Level:

  • Christopher Callan, MBA
  • Whitney Bembenek, MSW
  • Tova Feinberg, MBA
  • Dave Kanoff, MBA
  • James Konsky, MBA
  • James Lancaster, MD/MBA
  • Ashton Megli, MSW/MBA
  • Antonio Rivera-Martinez, MBA
  • Daniel Schu, MBA
  • Kai Skallerud, MBA
  • Kim Springstead, JD/MBA
  • Jacob Wise, MD/MBA
  • Lloyd Yates, MBA

Honors in Innovation and Entrepreneurship are given every year to recognize students who have shown exemplary involvement in innovation and entrepreneurship during their time at WashU. Students who participate in a combination of curricular and co-curricular entrepreneurial programs are eligible to receive the honors and are given a cord to wear at Commencement. Honors are reflected on the graduate’s unofficial transcript.

The Honors in Innovation and Entrepreneurship recognition is open to all WashU undergraduate and graduate students. We encourage students to visit the Honors page to take a look at the requirements and download the checklist to track their progress. Applications for recognition should be submitted during the student’s final semester before graduation.