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Skandalaris Startup Spotlight: BetterMy

Kim Wallner
July 3, 2024

Founded by rising junior Colin Fox (LA ’25), BetterMy is an online platform designed to help coach and mentor young tennis players who are looking to play in college. Fox says the startup’s mission is “to unlock the capability of players and allow them to get the in-depth coaching they deserve while also giving thousands of coaches the ability to live off their passion.” BetterMy hopes to tap into the market of millions of aspiring college athletes and help students unlock their full potential.

Aspiring tennis players can book private or group training sessions at with one of their coaches, including Fox, who leverages over a decade of experience as a collegiate player and former captain of his state champion team in Illinois. Co-founder and fellow WashU tennis player Sergiu Celebidachi offers lessons as well. The goal is to expand their coaching roster over time so that more people can turn their passion for coaching into a career.

When asked about the inspiration to start BetterMy, Fox replied, “I feel like I never reached my full potential as a tennis player, and learned about nutrition, workout regimes, mental training, etc., too late as a player. My goal is to help players reach their full potential by teaching them the lessons I learned later in my journey to become a collegiate player”. The platform is designed to help users seamlessly progress in their tennis journey, maximizing highs and minimizing lows.

BetterMy has had positive feedback in customer surveys and is excited to begin testing their nutrition and workout plans with customers. Despite positive momentum, Fox admits the biggest challenge of running a startup has been finding a balance between BetterMy, his school work, athletics, his post-grad job search, and maintaining a social life. Noting that this is a common hurdle for student founders, the Skandalaris Center began our 10-week Launchpad accelerator program, which supports student startups by funding intern support and offering weekly programming to help them grow their ventures. “I’m very grateful to be a part of the Launchpad program this summer,” said Fox, “[the opportunity is] allowing me to prioritize the company for an extended period of time.”

Interested in learning more about BetterMy or maybe even booking a lesson? Connect with them at or on Instagram: @bettermyrennis.