Write a Blog Post for SC

Washington University students, faculty, staff, and alumni can submit blog posts to be considered for the Skandalaris Center’s blog.

To be considered for the blog, submitted posts must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • The topic covered must be relevant to creativity, innovation, or entrepreneurship.
  • The word count should be between 250-400 words. To increase readability, use short paragraphs or lists (e.g. “The top 8 ways…”).
  • Reference your bio.
    • Students should include their major(s) and/or degree type, and anticipated graduation year (e.g. Computer Science ’19 or MFA ’12).
    • Faculty should include their current and full title, relevant departments, and school.
    • Staff should include their current title, department, and school.
    • Alumni should include their major(s), degree type (if relevant), graduation year, and current company and title.
  • Include photos. Readers respond well to content that is broken up with visuals. Be sure to include at least one topic-relevant photo or image.
  • Craft an interesting title to grab readers’ attention.
  • Add links when you reference something important. For instance, if you mention a company in the post, link the name to the company’s website.
  • Be honest but mindful. Provide thoughtful, honest analysis and reflection, but keep your language positive. Posts that defame others will not be considered.
  • Be accurate. Fact check. Focus on your personal perspective rather than making generalizations.



Submit Your Blog Post:

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