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The background image for the website. It is a multi colored mosaic.

More Than I Bargained For [SkIP 2020]

My name is Mackenzie Brennan. I am a junior at Washington University, studying Marketing, Organizational & Strategic Management, and Business Analytics. This summer, I have had the pleasure of working for Honeymoon Chocolates under Cam Loyet. Honeymoon Chocolates was founded in 2016


Change life from details- My internship with Porchster [SkIP 2020]

Hi everyone, my name is Yuxuan Ding. I am a graduate student at the McKelvey Engineering School of WashU, majoring in Electrical Engineering. This summer, I have had the chance to intern at Porchster, a tech startup that is developing


Showcasing the People Behind Venku [SkIP 2020]

My name is Rachel Colligan, and I’m a rising junior studying Political Science, Writing, and Business at WashU. This summer, I’m doing marketing work with Venku, the fastest-growing online marketplace for discovering and booking outdoor experiences like hunting, fishing, and


Programming Our Way to a Better World: My Summer at FastDemocracy [SkIP 2020]

English, Math, Environmental Policy, Electrical Engineering, Anthropology, Computer Science…that’s not even the full list of the majors I have attempted to pursue in my first two years as an undergrad at Washington University in St. Louis. Some people wonder how


Changing the Higher Education Scene in the US [SkIP 2020]

Hi everyone, this is Will Wang. I am a rising junior at the McKelvey Engineering School of WashU, majoring in Computer Science and Finance. This summer, I had the privilege of working for EDUrain, which helps students with three things: