Deadline to Apply for the InSITE Fellowship

  • September 15, 2017 • 11:59 PM

The InSITE Fellowship is a prestigious fellowship available to graduate students who demonstrate a passion and drive for innovation, entrepreneurship and/or venture capital. A nationally-recognized fellowship, this is an opportunity for grad students in all schools to work with local entrepreneurs and venture capitalists on consulting projects. In addition to connecting with local startups and VCs, fellows will have the opportunity to attend national conferences, including SXSW, and host networking events on campus. After their first year, motivated fellows can also apply to leadership positions to lead the group and source projects for the cohort.

Washington University in St. Louis is among peer schools such as Stanford, MIT, Harvard, NYU, and Columbia, as it is one of the first schools in the Midwest, along with U Penn and University of Chicago, to launch the InSITE Fellowship.

Fall Fellow Applications are due 9/15/17. Apply for the St. Louis chapter here.