Student Organizations

There are many student organizations committed to various aspects of creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Some are limited to undergraduate or graduate student participation, and some support all. These opportunities allow students to gain experience and make valuable interdisciplinary connections on- and off-campus.


Innovation and Entrepreneurship Student Organizations at WashU:


Arch Hacks

ArchHacks is Washington University’s hackathon. This national-scale health-tech themed event runs annually, and provides students the opportunity to work on technical projects that can make an impact on healthcare.


Focuses on helping individuals start businesses as The BALSA Group’s philanthropic arm. It is founded and run by WUSTL grad students and postdoctoral fellows and staff.

Bear Studios

Supports student-run ventures that are just getting started through an incubator that connects students to a small amount of start-up capital as well as to Bear Studios Student Team Members who have diverse skill-sets in programming and coding, finance, strategy, app development, marketing, and graphic design, among other skills, to help develop their ventures.

Bio-Entrepreneurship Core

Educates the community, forming relationships with the local biotechnology industry and fostering a spirit of entrepreneurship resulting in exciting new collaborations.

Biotechnology and Life Science Advising (BALSA) Group

Provides short-term consulting services to companies ranging from small start-ups to large corporations. It is a non-profit organization founded and led by WUSTL graduate students and post-doctoral fellows.

Design for America (DFA)

A group of makers, thinkers, and doers who take on projects that solve problems using human-centered design. DFA develops a pipeline of leaders of innovation and creates impact through the implementation of DFA projects.

Engineers Without Borders

Partners with developing communities to improve their quality of life through the implementation of environmentally sustainable, equitable and economical engineering projects while developing internationally responsible engineers and engineering students.

Engineering World Health

Inspires, educates, and empowers young engineers and scientists to use their skills to improve global health.

Entrepreneur and Venture Capital Association (EVCA)

Aims to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit of the St. Louis Community through the WUSTL MBA program.

Intellectual Property Law Society

Focuses on the study of intellectual property law. They sponsor events throughout the semester including guest speakers, study breaks, movie nights, and happy hour.

Net Impact

Promotes using the power of business to create a better world. They explore businesses doing leading-edge work to build sustainable businesses that outperform their peers and establish a long-term competitive advantage.

Olin Venture Fund

Olin Venture Fund is WashU’s only club dedicated solely to Venture Capitalism. Their priority is to elevate awareness about venture capital, educate members, and get real life experience by working with the Skandalaris Center on various opportunities and assessments.

Sling Health (previously IDEA Labs)

Identifies and designs solutions to problems in healthcare and small interdisciplinary and multi-level teams in an aggressive, but efficient, 14 week design process. Outcomes include patents, conference & journal papers, licensing deals, and start-ups.

washington University Entrepreneur Society

Promotes entrepreneurship on WashU’s campus. We aim to do this through workshops educating members about entrepreneurship, guest speakers who work in the startup and venture capital communities, and participation in startup competitions throughout the country. With the Entrepreneur Society’s resources, we hope that our members will be able to pursue their own ventures, having the ability to secure seed funding through our relationships. Also, join the ICE Network by following the hyperlink.

Washington University Student Investment Fund

A student-run investment organization and its members’ perspective on the consumer spending habits of their peers enables them to spot unique investment opportunities.

Washington University Technology Entrepreneurs

Brings together people from all backgrounds who share a common interest in technology and entrepreneurship to promote interest in and to develop skills relating to all aspects of science and technology venture creation.

XCCELERATE (Formerly Y’s THoughts)

Xccelerate has an overarching goal of creating a community of student entrepreneurs. We achieve this goal by hosting a semester long challenge to develop something from ideation through prototyping with the hopes of it becoming a real business. We also bring in Wash U students who own businesses to speak about their successes and attend events in the greater St. Louis entrepreneurial community.