Skandalaris Center

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Dan Conner is a Senior Associate at Lewis & Clark Ventures and is responsible for identifying, researching, and analyzing the highest-potential prospective investments for the fund.

Previously, Dan founded and led Ascend Financial, a consulting firm providing early-stage companies with CFO services and fundraising coaching, including guidance through building pro-formas and valuation. Dan founded Ascend Financial as a capstone on his portfolio management career at Morgan Stanley and is a 2016 Level III Candidate in the CFA Program.

Dan is an entrepreneurial Olin MBA graduate and holds an undergraduate degree from Yale in mechanical engineering; he also holds a masters in Advanced Renewable Technologies from Washington University in St. Louis. He’s started three businesses and was one of two graduate student representatives on the Washington University board during his second year at Olin. In addition to being a finance geek, Dan also enjoys the outdoors, runs triathlons, and sings karaoke poorly.

Simon Hall, Room 106

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