Skandalaris Center

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Undergraduate and graduate students can attain Honors in either Innovation or Entrepreneurship.

There are two Honors tracks available to undergraduate and graduate student:

Honors in Innovation


Honors in Entrepreneurship

Formerly known as the “Certificate/Declaration in Innovation and Entrepreneurship,” in 2017 this recognition was split in two so that students can pursue the track that is most relevant to their interests and aspirations.

Students may track their progress on the checklist and apply for the recognition through Jessica (Stanko) Weldon. The Skandalaris Center will be responsible for advise and verify students’ progress. Students who complete the requirements will be recognized at the annual Skandalaris Center banquet in May.

Note: This program is not an academic award and will be granted by the Skandalaris Center. This will not appear on your transcript; rather, it is ideal for your resume.

  • Students must earn a total of 6 points from the table embedded below
    • At least 2 points must be earned from the Training category
    • At least 2 points must be earned from the Experience category