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Skandalaris Consulting Group

Spring 2023 Fellow Applications are now closed! Check back in May to apply for our Summer cohort. 

To learn more or apply for the Summer cohort, contact Austin Bell-Hensley, VP of Recruitment, at

Skandalaris Consulting Group offers consulting experiences with real startups from around St. Louis. We take pride in forming interdisciplinary teams made up of graduate and undergraduate students from all schools at WashU. Students who demonstrate passion about startups, entrepreneurship, and/or consulting are encouraged to apply here.

Spring 2023 Company Applications are now closed! While we’re unable to offer any more 6-week engagements until summer, please reach out about any time-sensitive projects that we can help with.

To learn more or to submit a time-sensitive project, contact Nashad Carrington, VP of Sourcing, at  

Skandalaris Consult Group offers 4- to 6-week engagements to early- and growth-stage startups in the St. Louis region. As a client, you will be paired with a team of 3 to 5 students from diverse backgrounds and degree programs to meet the needs of your company. Companies who want to connect with a team of motivated, talented students that will set you apart in your next round of fundraising should apply here.

Established in January 2023, Skandalaris Consulting Group has built off of the Skandalaris Center’s extensive network within St. Louis to connect with the St. Louis startup scene. We organize and attend Networking Events and Workshops at WashU and in the broader St. Louis entrepreneurial ecosytem, including events at Cortex Innovation Community. These events feature local founders, investors (from VC and PE backgrounds), and experienced consultants who train our Fellows in consulting and providing value to startups.

For more information, please email president Austin Bell-Hensley at or visit Skandalaris Consulting Group’s LinkedIn page.