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The Skandalaris I-Corps SITE through the National Science Foundation (NSF)  I-Corps at Washington University, helps scientists learn a new method of research and the power of customer discovery. This experiential entrepreneurship program supports scientists seeking to commercialize technology and engages experienced entrepreneurs as mentors, to help teams transform an idea into a viable technology company.

Skandalaris I-Corps SITE offers an opportunity to learn entrepreneurial skills by speaking to potential users, conducting customer discovery, and identifying valuable product insights or potential pivots.

Skandalaris I-Corps SITE teams must complete a minimum of 30 interviews to be eligible for customer discovery funding and teams with a STEM focus may qualify for up to $3,000.

Teams are eligible for consideration for the National NSF I-Corps Teams program for additional mentorship and up to $50,000 in non-dilutive funding available to “deep tech” teams.




Participant Testimonials

“I am very pleased with my I-Corps experience. Not only was I able to hone in on our customer sector but I developed a clear plan of how to fund our project all the way through phase one clinical trials.” - Olga Lubman

“[NSF I-Corps] concepts/methods are great. I really feel that this course can help out a lot of academics; not just in forming companies, but also as a framework for informational interviews and networking in career development.” - Rafael Saer

Diversity and Inclusion

As part of the Skandalaris I-Corps SITE, we seek to increase the number of diverse participants and support teams from underrepresented populations. We recently connected with I-Corps Mentors and Teams to share the importance of an inclusive program and the opportunities it creates. 

“These new programs are designed to foster inclusivity in innovation & entrepreneurship—across campus and in the larger community—in order to catalyze a stronger startup ecosystem.”
- Mike Seper, Skandalaris I-Corps SITE Lead Instructor

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