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The background image for the website. It is a multi colored mosaic.

Engagedly: It’s the People We Meet! [SkIP 2020]

I remember visiting college campuses as a senior in high school, trying to decide which university would be my home for four years. I would often walk around the campus and ask the students, “What is your favorite thing about


Connecting Landlords, Tenants, and Contractors in One Place—My Internship with DOOR CLUB LLC [SkIP 2020]

Hi everyone, my name is Jon Li, and I’m a rising sophomore studying Economics & Strategy and Statistics, with a potential minor in computer science. As I’m constructing this blogpost, I just realized how quickly time has passed by. I


Redefining Addiction Treatment Through Technology [SkIP 2020]

Last winter, my grandfather showed me his 30-year sobriety coin, made of bronze with a bible verse etched into it. I commented on how I liked the design, and my grandpa, always the comedian, said, “You can take it. I


The Principles of a Startup [SKIP 2020]

My name is Spencer Hawke, and I am a Finance major in the class of 2021. This summer, I have had the privilege to intern at Well Principled, a St. Louis based startup founded by WashU alumni. WP makes artificial


Raising The Bar [SKIP 2020]

Hi, my name is Gabriel Chaffee – everyone calls me Gabo. I am a rising Junior, double majoring in both Economics & Strategy, and Finance with a minor in Film and Media Studies. I am spending this summer working at