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WashU Ranked #1 for MBA Entrepreneurship

The following is a repost from the Olin Business School blog, originally written by Kurt Greenbaum.  The Skandalaris Center is proud to support WashU student and alumni entrepreneurs.     WashU Olin Business School placed first globally for its MBA entrepreneurship


Paul Bender Shares His Love of St. Louis

Paul Bender, the CEO of Greater Than Games and an alumnus of WashU, discussed the pros and cons of continuing postgraduate life in St. Louis during our Innovation Conversation event on Friday, October 4th. As the co-founder of a board


Entrepreneurship Through Corporate Innovation

Is there innovation in the corporate world? Definitely yes! On September 19, 2019, the Skandalaris Center hosted an  Innovation Conversation as part of Professor Doug Villhard’s Entrepreneurial Platform Seminar that explored the entrepreneurial and innovative opportunities to those working for


Doug Villhard Shares the Art of the Side Hustle

“What is a side hustle? Bagging groceries? Driving for Uber?” These questions were thrown to the crowd by Doug Villhard, Olin’s new Professor and Academic Director for Entrepreneurship, during the Innovation Conversations event on Wednesday, September 18. As the CEO


Repost: Olin leads world in share of female startup founders and average funding

The following blog is a repost from the Olin Business School Blog. To read the original article by Kurt Greenbaum visit WashU Olin had the world’s highest percentage of female startup founders among its alumni, and their firms drew