Courses for Credit

Below is a list of classes offered by the University for credit that can expand your thinking and entrepreneurial skills. Some are offered every semester, some only once a year. Check Webstac for the most up-to-date courses.

A46 175 Designing Creativity: Innovation Across Disciplines
B53 460L Introduction To Social Entrepreneurship
B53 650 Seminar In Entrepreneurship
B53 471 Venture Consulting
B60 500K Financial Metrics for Start-Ups
B63/S50 500T/5060 Social Entrepreneurship
B63 560C Entrepreneurial Teaming for the Entrepreneurship Platform
L62 286 Entrepreneurship and the Liberal Arts
S50 5063 Social innovation
E60 324 From Concept to Market: The Business of Engineering
B63/53 521/421 Introduction to Entrepreneurship
B63 524 Business Planning for New Enterprises [The Hatchery]
B65 559B Marketing Strategies for Innovative Products and Services
B63 550X CEL Entrepreneur Consulting Team
B63 558 Managing the Innovation Process