Courses for Credit

Below is a list of classes offered by the University for credit that can expand your thinking and entrepreneurial skills. Some are offered every semester, some only once a year. Check Webstac for the most up-to-date courses.

A46 175 Designing Creativity: Innovation Across Disciplines
L11 428 Capital Market Imperfections and Entrepreneurial Finance
U85 5140 Community Development & Environmental Preservation through Entrepreneurial Collaboration
A46 465C Art, Design, and Entrepreneurship: Creative Placemaking Beyond The City
T81 503D Applying Innovations within Organizations
S50 5060 Social Entrepreneurship
B63 500U Basics of Bio-Entrepreneurship
L62 286 Entrepreneurship and the Liberal Arts
E81 507A Technology Entrepreneurship
E60 409 Engineering Thought: Examining the Role of Engineers, Scientists, and Technology in Innovation
E60 324 From Concept to Market: The Business of Engineering
E60 110 Engineering Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Design
B63 524 Business Planning for New Enterprises [The Hatchery]
B63/53 521/421 Introduction to Entrepreneurship
B63 550T Venture Advising
B63 550X CEL Entrepreneur Consulting Team
B65 559B Marketing Strategies for Innovative Products and Services
B63 750 Managing the Innovation Process
B63 720 Strategic Management of Innovation