Venture Info

The Summer Entrepreneurial Internship Program is an affordable opportunity to have a paid intern for the summer. For students, it’s an intensive introduction to innovation and entrepreneurship in St. Louis. This hosting opportunity is for you if you have needs that a WashU student intern can help with this summer.

Summer 2019 Program Dates: June 3 – August 9, 2019

Deadline to Apply: February 10, 2019 at 11:45 pm


  • Host ventures must be early-stage startups in the St. Louis region
    • Typically, most early stage, local startups are eligible to host summer interns. We consider a venture—either commercial or social—to be in the “startup” phase if it employs fewer than 15 and, if making revenue, it’s less than a million. 
  • You must have some type of designated office space (whether in a co-working space or office building) to host an intern.

Wednesday Programming:

Student interns work at their ventures Mondays-Fridays. On Wednesday afternoons, however, the students attend a variety of opportunities that introduce them to the larger St. Louis community and the thriving support system for entrepreneurs. The goal of Wednesday programing is for students to experience entrepreneurship through a variety of perspectives. These events will consist of visits, panel discussions, and networking opportunities.


  • Attendance at all Wednesday events is required for all students, so venture hosts need to be flexible.
  • Venture hosts must attend one networking lunch and panel at some point during the summer.
  • The venture host pays $1,000 to the Skandalaris Center to support the program (50% due at the time of match; final 50% due May 1), increasing by $1,000 for each return year, and the student receives a $5,000 stipend.


Applications for the Summer 2019 will open January 1, 2019. Applications will not be reviewed and approved until after the deadline (February 10th at 11:45 pm). There is a networking event on February 20th at which applicants will network with the available ventures. Invitations to the networking event will be sent on February 11th.

Please review the venture host agreement prior to application.


Questions? Take a look at the FAQs.

Testimonies from Students & Ventures:

My internship taught me the importance of being flexible and willing to adapt to an ever-changing set of circumstances. The company often had a set of goals it wanted to accomplish. However, how we accomplished those goals was often much different than we had originally planned.
Even for a non-profit the business still needs to find a way to break even. This often includes thinking of creative ways to generate revenue or funding. Entrepreneurship covers such a wide spectrum of skills; so many details go into starting a business, many of which I hadn't thought about before.
Being involved with a start-up allowed me to understand many of the details and strategy that are involved with getting this type of venture "off the ground." In addition, it exposed me to some very high-energy, bright people. Finally, working with the company allowed me to be exposed to a new industry.
My internship experience altered my view of what it takes to survive as an entrepreneur. It also helped me focus my career search and helped me understand what I want to do after school. It was a truly valuable experience.
The Skandalaris Internship is a true win-win for everyone. As a cutting-edge startup based in Silicon Valley and St. Louis - we at Tallyfy were proud to host an intern over summer, who performed way above our expectations and brought new ideas and energy into our growth. We would not hesitate to recommend this program to anyone. - Amit Kothari, CEO of Tallyfy - workflow software for client onboarding
The Skandalaris Internship program offered my startup the ability to hire a high-quality intern at a low cost. I was majorly impressed by all the candidates, and the student I selected was outstanding. He brought a strong work ethic and gave large, tangible contributions to the company beyond his initial role. We were so happy with his performance that we actually ended up bringing him into the company after the internship! I definitely would recommend this program to other St. Louis startups and will look to participate in it again this summer!
The Skandalaris internship program proved to be very productive - our intern was extremely tech savvy and very keen to dive into almost every activity that she came across - just what we needed as a fast growing tech start up.