Startup WU Pre-Orientation

Startup WU is the Skandalaris Center’s pre-orientation program for incoming first year students. The program takes place each year on the Sunday – Thursday in August before Bear Beginnings Orientation and the start of classes. It allows innovative students to experience an accelerated process of building an idea into a venture.

Students from all majors are welcome and will experience the journey from idea to venture, exploring the entrepreneurial community and getting to know several alumni founders who live and work in St. Louis.

Incoming students can learn more and register through the First Year Center from May 1-August 1.


"It was a life changing experience. I want to pursue my idea and take advantage of all the center has to offer."

"It was a fun experience and really felt that a start up was possible."

"It was a great experience! I'm really looking forward to continuing [my venture concept]. Looking forward to working w/the Skandalaris Center"

"It was very solid overall. It completely exceeded my expectations I'm all about entrepreneurship."

"This was an amazing experience. I learned so much and I would absolutely recommend this program to others!"

Most importantly, students learn the value of interdisciplinary collaboration and discover how much a group of passionate people can accomplish in a few short days.