Skandalaris Center

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IdeaBounce® Brings St. Louis Entrepreneurs Together

Skandalaris Center
April 11, 2019

Entrepreneurs and innovators shared their venture ideas, exchanged advice, and networked with other attendees.

Eight innovators from around St. Louis pitched their start-up ideas and asked for advice from the audience at the Skandalaris Center’s IdeaBounce® event on April 3. Ideas varied across multiple industries, from food-delivery to social networking to healthcare. Each innovator was allotted two minutes to pitch their idea and share their asks: general advice, specific expertise, or technical skills.

Aadit Shah, a biomedical engineering student (BS ’20), shared his idea for a start-up to help improve the ability of patients to understand their experiences with medical professionals. Another biomedical engineering student, Cassie Davis, shared her idea for a surgical lighting tool. Ingrid Diep (MPH), who in the past worked in optometry, understood Davis’ idea and agreed that there is a large unaddressed need in the medical community. Diep continued that the presentations had “lots of potential.”

Two Washington University undergraduate students pitched their idea for a food-delivery service called BITE, which emphasizes both efficiency and affordability by focusing on group food orders.

After the pitches, attendees were encouraged to stay for a networking session. Many used this time to trade ideas, exchange advice, and make meaningful connections with other entrepreneurs in St. Louis.

The following is a list of the startups pitched at this IdeaBounce® event:

  • A health literacy tool to help patients better understand the information their physicians are giving them.
  • A surgical lighting tool to decrease pre-operations setup time during surgeries.
  • An STI communications tool to enable users to securely share their STI status with potential partners.
  • Munch, an app to connect people looking for new restaurants to try.
  • BITE, a group food delivery service with a focus on speed and affordability.
  • Medicle, a networking platform to connect physicians around the world.
  • Foundry Software, which helps startups create apps for a low monthly cost.
  • A patent database that allows users to download patents quickly and intuitively.

IdeaBounce® is both an online platform and an event for sharing ideas and making connections. To read more about the ideas, visit IdeaBounce® events are opportunities for inventors, founders, and startups from all across the St. Louis region to meet, network, and exchange ideas.