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Revisiting a GIA Winner, Reconnecting with an Old Friend

I was a senior at a small, all-girls boarding school in Middlebury, Connecticut, when I first met Markey Culver, the founder, and CEO of The Women’s Bakery, Inc. At Westover, the girls you meet there are girls you are bonded


My Internship at TCARE: Promoting Social Good While Being Profitable

As part of my Pivot 314 fellowship, I had the privilege of interning at TCARE, a venture company in St. Louis started by a WashU alum. TCARE is a health care company that offers software solutions aimed at preventing caregiver burnout


WashU Alumni Venture, Dawn Health, Helps People Overcome Insomnia

60 million Americans suffer from chronic sleep disorders annually. Rahul Shivkumar (BS ‘16) is no exception. Following his diagnosis of chronic insomnia, he met with numerous physicians and ate prescription sleeping pills, which he described as “[taking] a toll on my


WashU Medical Startup HIVE Accepted to mHUB Accelerator Program

Medical startup HIVE founded by Washington University alumni Joe Beggs (BME ‘20) and Glen Kleinschmidt (BME ‘21) was recently accepted to a selective 6-month accelerator program at mHUB, a premier hard tech innovation hub based in Chicago. HIVE is part



So… You’ve got an Idea?

What is an Idea? I like to think of it as the finger that presses a push-to-start car in the mind of an entrepreneur. But how do you take a thought running through your mind and manifest it into a