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Fall 2020 Skandalaris Venture Competition Finalists Announced

Cyril Loum
November 19, 2020

Seven WashU student and recent alumni-led ventures are set to compete in the Fall 2020 Skandalaris Venture Competition (SVC) for a chance to win $22,500 in awards. We had a record-setting number of SVC applications and reviewed 62 ventures. Selecting the seven finalists was not easy and all of the ventures had a tremendous entrepreneurial spirit.

This is an incredible opportunity for the seven finalists and these teams have worked hard to develop an IdeaBounce® post, a 2-minute video pitch, and a one-page executive summary. On December 8, the finalists will pitch their ventures to a distinguished panel of judges for a chance to win funding to launch or expand their ventures. The Fall 2020 Skandalaris Venture Competition (SVC) finalists are Lifted Pouches, Compass, Cedars Health Inc., Free Dynamics, Golden Roots Essentials, Gaia, and Mindify.

Cedars Health, Inc. provides minimally invasive procedures using their biocompatible implant, which mechanically compresses the prostate to dilate the urethral channel. Raphael Chung (BS '20) and Kevin Park. 

Compass is a free SMS-based medical triage platform that aims to increase accessibility to healthcare services while simultaneously reducing clinician overhead. Prathamesh Chati (AB ’22), Tejas Sekhar (AB), Jessika Baral (AB '20), Aadit Shah (BS '19), Surabhi Mundada, Neha Venkatesh, Bhaw Jain, and Atharv Oak.

Free Dynamics designs miniature electronic devices that are dynamic in nature but operate without any external batteries for months. Darshit Mehta (PhD ‘20) and Kenji Aono (PhD '18).

Gaia plans to build a comprehensive e-commerce platform, paired with local distribution/community centers, to streamline the ecosystem between farmers and consumers. Dave Kanoff (MBA ’22) and Rodrigo Rodriguez (MBA '20).

Golden Roots Essentials is an all-natural toxin-free skincare line with ingredients derived from the African continent. Fanta Kaba (MBA ’21).

Lifted Pouches is a pre-workout supplement that comes in a pouch form, allowing the athlete and gym goer to bypass the shaker bottles and powder and instead place a pouch in their lip and receive the energy through mucosal digestion. Derek Leiter (MBA ’21), Tyler Edwards (MBA ’21), Marguerite Whitelaw (MBA ’21), and Zack Hechtman (BSBA ’21).

Mindify is working on a neuroscience-based solution that utilizes non-invasive brain-computer interfaces to address problems. Shuheng Li (AB ’24).

Please join the winner announcements via Zoom on December 8, to celebrate all the WashU innovators and entrepreneurs that participated in this year’s SVC.