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How Did We Celebrate Innovation Day? With An IdeaBounce®!

Rachel Kleban (BU '24)
February 25, 2022

On February 16, 2022, fourteen St. Louis-based entrepreneurs presented their two-minute pitch for their startup ideas and received  feedback or help from the judges and audience members.  Each pitch was judged on clarity, passion, and their specific asks for help by prominent innovators in the region. Ideas ranged in development, from rudimentary steps, to fully developed, already operating startups, in focuses from real-estate investment to late night, on campus cultural food experiences.

Harris-Stowe University students were also in attendance for this event. Students from both universities pitched ideas and connected. Interest and excitement were present throughout the event, and followed into networking after all pitches were heard. As each innovator presented their pitch, the energy in the room was palpable.

Specifics of the pitches heard are as outlined below:

Top bouncers at Innovation Day IdeaBounce® (left to right): Parker Nixon (Nixon Homes),
Dr. Linda Wu (MiDoc), and Ryan Mikami (Health Education Project).
  • Connecting the Microcosm Dots for Prosperous St. Louis: a centralized digital service connection platform to spur feelings of belongingness among St. Louis-based immigrants and connect them to resources.
  • Got Sure: a software service platform connecting e commerce and insurance to benefit the consumer (peace of mind) as well as companies (boost spending)
  • Ryan Lo’s Idea: a late-night cultural, diversity, and art food experience
  • Utter: Twitter Trivia Game: a platform that connects with Twitter to create a social media trivia game
  • Health Education Project: a project for north St. Louis providing health advice while taking into account socioeconomic and health disparities
  • Nixon Homes: a new real estate investment platform
  • Paul Sterling Zhao’s Idea: a rideshare company that provides major student discounts
  • Final Step: an app and credit card that provides budgeting and promotes financial literacy by budget/media education
  • Keep in Touch: a graduate-student focused networking platform
  • The Poster Board: a localized, online free market for university students
  • MiDoc: an at home, wearable device that performs heart and lung exam for physicians
  • Aquaponics Systems for Recycled Materials: a small-scale aquaponics kit for sustainable education
  • EDUrain: a college housing platform focusing on affordability and connectivity
  • Diversity in Cancer Research: an initiative that focuses on teaching graduate-level research for high school students

MiDoc won first place, followed by Health Education Project and Nixon Homes, which secured second and third places.

An Open Mic for crowd members followed, and their ideas included a hassle-free and all-inclusive landscaping app service, a Coast to Midwest extended fashion brand, and the expansion of a beloved Chicago-based restaurant called FatBellies LLC.

After all pitches were heard, the opportunity to network with the entrepreneurial community ensued, capping off the evening in buzzing conversation.