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WashU Startup, Contrast AI, Named Finalist in Prestigious Veterans Affairs Health System AI Tech Sprint

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March 19, 2024

After two months of testing, the Department of Veterans Affairs Health System has selected Contrast as a finalist in their AI Tech Sprint to reduce healthcare provider burnout. Competing alongside industry giants like Nuance (acquired by Microsoft for $20 billion), Abridge ($200 million in funding), and Deep Scribe ($50 million in funding), Contrast has distinguished itself as a leader in the healthcare technology space, proving that innovation and user-centered design can coexist at the frontier of clinical documentation.

Founded on the principle that healthcare providers should focus on patient care rather than administrative tasks, Contrast offers an AI-powered clinical documentation solution that saves time and enables high-quality, data-driven patient care. The Contrast platform integrates with existing Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems and provides a suite of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation capabilities in a modern user interface. Contrast is able to save 2 hours of physician time in each 8-hour workday, unlocking the potential for increased patient volume, enhanced quality of medical care, and a tangible work-life balance for healthcare providers.

Read the Department of Veterans Affairs press release here. Less than a year ago, Contrast received an investment through the Skandalaris Venture Competition.

About Contrast

Founded by Washington University in St. Louis alum Kai Skallerud (LA ’17, MBA ’22), Contrast is committed to revolutionizing healthcare for the benefit of patients and providers. Contrast aligns artificial intelligence and automation technologies with evidence-based healthcare practices, reducing time spent charting and improving patient outcomes. Our platform is intricately designed to enrich clinical workflows, enhance patient outcomes, and elevate operational efficiency in various healthcare environments. Join us as we forge a path toward a better future in healthcare.

In light of the VA selecting Contrast among the best in the industry, you are invited to experience the future of healthcare documentation firsthand. Visit Contrast’s website to access a free AI Scribe for use in patient care today. For more information or to see the potential of the full Contrast Platform, please contact the Contrast team at