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Holekamp Seed Fund grants $17K to student-led startups for 2021-22 academic year

The Skandalaris Center is excited to recognize all of the startups receiving a grant from the Holekamp Seed Fund this year. Many of the recipients (listed below) have been active in the Skandalaris Center, either by receiving support and mentoring


It Isn’t A Skandy Summer Without An IdeaBounce®

The Summer with Skandy event series continued with a Summer IdeaBounce® on Wednesday, June. 29, 2022. This IdeaBounce® featured small businesses within the Saint Louis ecosystem giving a two minute pitch and networking with WashU students and other local entrepreneurs.


A Day Full of Fashion and Entrepreneurship

The Skandalaris Center decided to walk the runway with some of St. Louis-owned fashion brands. The third Summer with Skandy event was created by the St. Louis Entrepreneurial Fellows Angel Huang, Eliana Jenkins, and Ulrica Wu. These Fellows explored fashion-focused


Sharks at Spark: Lessons from Shark Tank Entrepreneurs

The Skandalaris Center decided to swim with the sharks for our Summer with Skandy event series. The 2nd week of our event series involved contestants from the show “Shark Tank” who had secured deals with some of the most successful


Summer with Skandy Event Series Kicks Off with Growth Startups

The Skandalaris Center started its summer event series with a Growth Startup Panel, starring three St. Louis entrepreneurs giving real-life examples and experiences of the first five years of a startup. Conducting the panel discussion and facilitating the Q&A portion