Skandalaris Center

The background image for the website. It is a multi colored mosaic.

Startups require teams, and teams require workspace. That's why we built a space suited for teamwork. 

Featuring ample tables and chairs for all of your meeting needs, 360° of writable surfaces, and soda, coffee, and snacks always stocked, the Skandalaris Center has you covered.

So bring your team, club, study buddy, or coffee cravings to Mallinckrodt Room 128, and don't forget to say hi!



The Skandalaris Center's open hours are 8:30am-5pm, Monday - Friday. If you would like to access the space outside of these hours, submit a request and your application for card swipe will be reviewed.


Informal team meetings do not require scheduling; just come in and grab a table! However, if you would like to hold team meetings, club meetings, or events at the Skandalaris Center, submit a booking request through our events page.