Skandalaris Center

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WashU Venture Network

Washington University students, faculty, staff, and alumni are regularly developing cutting edge research, innovative technology, and startup ventures. The Skandalaris Center’s goal is to support the development of these founders and companies throughout their entrepreneurial journey.

The WashU Venture Network is an invitation-only group designed to connect alumni and friends of the University who are part of the investment community with the next generation of founders and startups emerging from our ecosystem. We will hold Startup Showcase events throughout the year where ventures present updates on their progress, traction, and runway, along with capital raised and additional funding/investments needed to advance their venture.

Note – decisions to engage in business arrangements and contracts will be strictly up to the startups and individual members of the network.

  • Members of the network will not be screened or certified as accredited investors.
  • The Skandalaris Center will prepare startups for the Showcase, but the University will not perform any official due diligence of any investment opportunity or certify the quality of investment opportunities presented.
  • No attendees will sign confidentiality agreements – startups decide what information they are and are not willing to share in this forum.

The schedule and frequency of Startup Showcases will be variable in response to the opportunities brought forth to the Skandalaris Center. WashU Venture Network members will receive ample notice in advance of all scheduled Startup Showcases.

If you are an investor interested in joining the WashU Venture Network, please complete this form.

If you are a startup interested in presenting to the WashU Venture Network, please complete this form.