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Washington University in St. Louis Entrepreneurship Courses for Fall 2024

This chart below outlines the wealth and diversity of the entrepreneurship curriculum at Washington University. We encourage WashU students to consider enrolling in an I&E course(s) for the fall 2024 semester. While your interest in entrepreneurship might begin with a course, we hope it will continue to grow via the connections you make with us and the knowledge you can gain from our programs.

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At the Skandalaris Center, our initiatives serve students, faculty, staff, and alumni from all levels and all disciplines. We support WashU entrepreneurship by inspiring the entrepreneurial mindset and empowering our community to explore and execute solutions to address the world’s problems and meet local needs through innovation and entrepreneurship. To support WashU entrepreneurs, we have developed programs and events to help them:

• Explore their inner maker

• Develop and ideate new methods and solutions to the world’s challenges

• Take their ideas to the next level

• Gain knowledge and skills in innovation and entrepreneurship  


Academic Programs in Entrepreneurship

ENTREPRENEURSHIP MAJOR Undergraduates pursuing a BSBA degree choose to major in entrepreneurship. Undergraduates who study entrepreneurship learn to develop an entrepreneurial spirit. They challenge current models and drive social and economic impact. These students are able to nimbly and rapidly respond to change. With a major in entrepreneurship, BSBAs learn to think innovatively, no matter the size or location of the organization. Visit this link for more information.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP PLATFORM (MBA) WashU Olin’s top-ranked entrepreneurship program works because students are challenged to do more. By enrolling in Olin’s MBA entrepreneurship platform, students learn to fall in love with a customer’s problem, how to do something about it and how to leverage our entrepreneurial ecosystem in St. Louis and around the world. The program starts exposing students to entrepreneurship and innovation around the world as part of their global immersion. By the end of the program, MBAs will be prepared to work in corporate innovation, small business, family business, nonprofits or consulting. These skills also scale to venture capital and private equity firms, and launching a commercial or social startup. Visit this link for more information.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP MINOR Undergraduate students in Arts & Sciences, the Sam Fox School, or the School of Engineering may earn a Minor in Entrepreneurship through the Olin Business School. This minor is designed for students who wish to participate in the commercial entrepreneurship process as a collaborator rather than founder. The learning goal is to introduce non-Olin students to the language of business and allow them to contribute on entrepreneurial teams. The students have the opportunity to build on ideas, skills, inventions, and perspectives from their primary discipline to enhance the creativity and excitement of the entrepreneurial process. Visit this link for more information.

MINOR IN BUSINESS OF THE ARTS The Olin Business School offers a Minor in the Business of Arts to any undergraduate day division student. The Business of the Arts minor equips you to successfully navigate the “creative tension” between the artistic pursuit and economic necessity.  This minor is designed for students interested in launching an entrepreneurial startup venture around their artistic pursuit, students interested in a management position with an arts-related nonprofit, Traditional business students looking for a career at a for-profit organization with a creative bent Visit this link for more information.

MINOR IN THE BUSINESS OF SOCIAL IMPACT The Olin Business School offers a Minor in the Business of Social Impact to any undergraduate day division student. All required courses must be taken at the Olin Business School for a grade. Visit this link for more information.

SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP SPECIALIZATION This specialization provides the next generation of change makers with the skills and perspectives needed to thrive in any sector of the economy. Ours is the only social entrepreneurship program in the country cross- listed between a school of social work and a school of business, and it prepares students to compete in a global workforce that increasingly demands an understanding of both business and social service principles. Combining the rigor of a top-ranked MSW program with the real-world knowledge of practicing social entrepreneurs, this curriculum prepares students to be leaders and innovators in the dynamic nonprofit, corporate or public sector roles that they are likely to find themselves in throughout their careers, both domestically and abroad. Whether students are interested in launching a nonprofit or social enterprise, or seek to innovate within existing organizations, this specialization qualifies them for employment in a variety of leadership and management roles. Visit this link for more information.


Students should consider pursuing the Honors in innovation and Entrepreneurship academic milestone. More Information can be found at the link below:

Honors in Innovation and Entrepreneurship