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Honors in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Students from all disciplines and all levels are eligible to earn Honors in Innovation & Entrepreneurship from the Skandalaris Center. This is a recognition for students who have shown exemplary involvement in innovation and entrepreneurship during their time at Washington University.

Honors are earned by accumulating points through a combination of curricular and co-curricular activities.


By working towards Honors in innovation and Entrepreneurship, you will:

  1. Build your skills in innovation and entrepreneurship, both in and out of the classroom,
  2. Meet and collaborate with other students who are pursuing different disciplines and degrees than you,
  3. Connect and network with the St. Louis entrepreneurial community, and
  4. Enhance your resume to be a more competitive applicant during your internship and job search.


Students in any degree program or school may apply for the appropriate recognition.


Graduating students who complete the requirements will be recognized and given a cord to wear at Commencement. Honors in Innovation and Entrepreneurship is granted by the Skandalaris Center, not your academic department. This will not appear on your official transcript; however it is ideal for your resume and can be added as an accomplishment on your unofficial transcript.

View Requirements by Level:

There are different Honors available depending on student level.

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