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Honors in Innovation & Entrepreneurship


  • Students must earn a total of 6 points from the table embedded below
    • At least 2 points must be earned from the Training category
    • At least 2 points must be earned from the Experience category

Following is a list of activities, and their point equivalents, that you can participate in to earn your Honors in Innovation & Entrepreneurship. 

Activities for Undergraduate and Graduate Students

  • Theoretical/ Intro Course - 1 point
    • Requirement: Grade of B- or better 
  • Experiential Course (hands-on, i.e. Hatchery, CEL, etc.) - 2 points
    • Requirement: Grade of B- or better 
  • Attend workshop(s)/ series through SC or similar support organization - 1/4 point per session
    • Requirement: Attend full workshop
  • Compete in any WUSTL or non-WUSTL hackathon, idea challenge, etc. 
    • Finish in top half - 1 point 
    • Finish in top three - 2 points
  • Member of a WashU student organization focused on innovation/entrepreneurship  - 1 point
    • Requirement: Be active for the academic year
  • Participate on a Sling Health/ DFA/ (or similar project) team - 1 point
    • Requirement: Present at Demo Day
  • Pitch at an IdeaBounce® - 1 point
  • Two semesters of service to the Entrepreneurial Student Advisory Committee (or similar committee) - 1 point
    • Requirement: Be active and contribute 
  • Hold Position as a Club Officer in an appropriate student group - 2 points
    • Requirement: 2 semesters of service 
  • Compete in any SC business plan competition/hackathon, patent/idea challenge  - 2 points
    • Requirement: Reach the finalist stage
  • Lead a SlingHealth, DFA, BALSA, etc. Team - 2 points
    • Requirement: 2 semesters of leadership 
  • Participate infacultysponsored research project related to innovation or entrepreneurship - 2 points
    • Requirement: Present at a research symposium
  • Substantial freelance and/or consulting experience - 2 points
    • Requirement: Submit a proposal 
  • Complete an Internship with a startup organization - 2 points
    • Sumbit a one page reflection on the experience
  • Own and operate your own business while in school (outside of StEP) or start a new StEP Business - 3 points
    • Requirement: Start a new business

Activities for Undergraduate Students 

  • Participate in Skandalaris’ Immersive Experience Program as part of Bear Beginnings - 1 point
  • Entrepreneurial Scholar - 1 point
    • Requirement: Submit your application essay
  • Complete training for and act as a Peer Innovator through ENT professional fraternity - 2 points
    • Requirement: 2 semesters of service
  • Student Entrepreneurial Program (StEP) - 2 points
    • Requirement: 4 semesters of ownership 
  • Participate in the Entrepreneurial Fellowship (2 for experience, 1 for course) - 3 points
    • Requirement: 1 calendar year commitment

Activities for Graduate Students 

Students may track their progress on the checklist and apply for the recognition through Jessica (Stanko) Weldon. The Skandalaris Center will be responsible for advise and verify students’ progress. Students who complete the requirements will be recognized at the annual Skandy Awards in April.

Note: This program is not an academic award and will be granted by the Skandalaris Center. This will not appear on your transcript; rather, it is ideal for your resume.