Skandalaris Center

The background image for the website. It is a multi colored mosaic.

A Summer of Project Management and Coding

It was 6:00 PM, the day before my internship was to begin when I got a phone call from my boss. He had just finished talking with the CTO, and had decided that I would be the project lead for


Make New Friends, but Keep The Old; Those Are Silver, These are Gold

When it comes to getting a business off the ground, the first thing most people think of is how they will acquire customers. However, it may be more important for a business to learn how to keep their hard-earned clients,


No Longer Door-to-Door: Interning at Constituent Connection

My name is Griffin Lovato, a Data Science and Political Science double major graduating in 2025. When I participated in the Skandalaris Fellowship this summer, I worked with Constituent Connection, a St. Louis startup founded during the pandemic in 2021.


Humans and Herb Basil, We’re More Alike Than You Think

Did you know that humans and herb basil share something extraordinary? Given the suitable types and amounts of stressors, humans and basils alike will inherently adapt and produce more beautiful and flavorful versions of themselves. Hi, my name is Ryan.


Finding Community Through Handbags

My name is Angel Huang, and I am a rising sophomore studying Finance at Washington University in St. Louis. This summer, I interned at korédé, a luxury handbag startup turned mom community. Korédé’s goal is to create a space for