Skandalaris Center

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An Unprecedented Night at the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Awards

It was a night full of celebration and unexpected turns as the Skandalaris Center presented The Washington University Innovation & Entrepreneurship Awards, honoring students, alumni, staff, and entrepreneurial community members for their contributions to the WashU ecosystem. As we gathered


Meet the Global Impact Award (GIA) Finalist: uFab

uFab aims to revolutionize circuit board manufacturing. Using patent-pending printed circuit board manufacturing technology, users of uFab’s PCB printing machine can have their boards in their hands in hours rather than the conventional days to weeks. Learn more about uFab’s


Meet the Global Impact Award (GIA) Finalist: Ice Cream For Bears

Ice Cream for Bears makes supernatural premium ice cream sweetened only with raw honey. They are on a mission to make food wild again by removing processed ingredients from packaged foods while supporting the most sustainable practices in agriculture. Tim


Meet the Global Impact Award (GIA) Finalist: Gateway Quantum Electronics

GQE automates and streamlines the operation of quantum amplifiers for quantum computing and sensing applications. Their goal is to make operating a quantum amplifier as simple as a traditional amplifier, saving experts time and effort and making quantum amplification accessible


Meet Prolific Kickz, the Newest StEP Business on Campus

On Friday, March 22, Prolific Kickz celebrated its grand opening on the South 40. The storefront sells trendy sneakers and is the newest addition to the Student Enterprise Program (StEP). Student owners can supplement the valuable business and entrepreneurial skills