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My Summer Internship at Swipesum

My name is Finn Doornweerd, and I am a rising sophomore majoring in computer science with a minor in systems engineering. This summer, I worked at Swipesum, which is a payments consulting company that works to reduce and eliminate credit


Above All, Relationships: My Summer Internship with Good Developments Group

Everyone has one topic they could ramble on and on about. For me, it’s the history of city planning and urban design in the United States and the many mistakes we’ve made as a nation. Decisions made generations ago still


Design, Strategy, and Barbeque On the House: Interning at Doorward, Inc

“Why do you wake up in the morning?” “Tell me about your greatest leadership failures.”  I had an opportunity to moderate a panel this summer where startup CEOs advised on healthy workplace culture and professional development. My summer host and Doorward


Three Life Lessons from my Summer Internship at Bold Xchange

The age-old adage goes that the best things in life happen unexpectedly. While I am hoping that my freshman year internship isn’t the peak, I can confidently say that my summer at Bold Xchange has fundamentally altered how I approach


Entrepreneurship: Risk vs. Reward

Anytime I heard the word “entrepreneur,” I always felt daunted by it. The idea of investing time, energy, and effort into a cause that someone was passionate about, with the risk of it all failing, was not something that I