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Empowering Women to Use Their Voice: A Recap of Power HER Pitch – Simon Initiative

How Female Entrepreneurs Can Use Their Voice to their Advantage with Theresa Carrington


Speaker Theresa Carrington developing pitch style and body language with attendees.

Friday, February 1st featured another installment of the Simon Initiative with Power HER Pitch, a workshop taught by Skandalaris Alumna and founder of Ten by Three Theresa Carrington. The workshop was designed to empower and teach women how to use their voice and presence to their advantage in the entrepreneurial space. The Simon Initiative was founded by Andrew (LA ’63) and Andrea Simon with the hopes of giving women and minorities the resources and space to grow and increase their presence in the entrepreneurial community here at WashU and beyond.


Andrea Simon (co-founder of Simon Initiative) thanking speaker and Alum Theresa Carrington

Throughout the day, attendees learned about the power of using their voice when pitching themselves and/or their business ideas to potential funders, business partners, or employers. Attendees were able to share their business pitches in pairs and to the rest of the group, developing their breathing, projection, presence, and other important factors when it comes to selling yourself and your ideas.


Danielle Wisley, a second year student and Power HER Pitch attendee, said “The Power HER Pitch was an amazing opportunity to be surrounded by like-minded women, motivated and passionate about solving problems and eager to collaborate with others while doing so. I came away energized and fully connected to a new network of businesswomen. I plan to incorporate the tips that Theresa Carrington shared with us into my own business pitch moving forward.”


Theresa Carrington demonstrating the importance of breathing and breathing exercises when giving a pitch.

With each installment of the Simon Initiative, we come even closer to gender and ethnic equality within the entrepreneurial space. Women and minorities are continuing to rise in education and startup ventures. With the Simon Initiative, we are continuing to grow the presence of people from all different backgrounds within the WashU community and further developing the bustling St. Louis startup world.


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Founders of the Simon Initiative, Theresa Carrington, and the attendees of the 2019 Power HER Pitch.

**Check out the recap video here!